Frequently asked questions

What is a Crate?

Crates are the reward we give to the listener as a reward for their music consumption. To get a crate you must first gather points by listening to music, buying merchandise or concert tickets.

Is it true that the artist recive 100% of the listener subscription revenue?

Yes. We don't earn money the same way traditional streaming services do. Most of our competitors make their money from the music itself, we belive it belongs to the musician.

We believe that the money we receive from the listener subscription belongs to the music creators. Therefore we give 100% of the listener subscription money (after taxes) straight to the musician, artist, music producer and creator in general.

Is it free to upload music to your platform?

Yes, it will be free to upload your music to Chainstream.

I already use another streaming service, why should i change to Chainstream?

There are three main reasons you should try us out. 1. You'll get a bigger value for the same money you spend on your music subscription today. You will come closer to your favorite artists, get access to exclusive content and get rewarded for your music consumption through our crates.
2. You can listen to your favorite songs with good conscience knowing that the creator gets fairly compensated.
3. You get all of your music consumption at one place. You listen to music, buy concert tickets and get news about your favorite artists and bands all on a single platform.

What does early access mean?

When you sign up for early access you will become one of the first people to ever try Chainstream out. After you have tried our service we will ask you a few questions and thats it.

All early access members will receive a gift, when the full version is released, as a thank you for helping us from the beginning.

What is the goal of Chainstream?

The goal is to help musicians, artists, music producers and all other music creators to live from their music. We want to create a fair ecosystem that everyone benefits from taking part in. We want to give music value.